Our By-laws

2023 Board Members

The Richland Swim Club board members serve three-year terms. Each year, at least one position is due to be voted on and voting occurs at the Annual Member Meeting, generally held in October. Dates of the meeting will be announced before the end of the swim season.

Each year, we accept applications for board membership. The form can be found here.

For more details, see the By Laws document above.

Rachel Moody

Contact - president@therichlandswimclub.org

Rachel and her family have been members of the Swim Club for five years. All three of her children learned to swim at the Club and are now part of the Richland Rays Swim Team. This is Rachel's third year serving on the Board and she hopes to leverage her professional background in communications to help build an even stronger community among the Club's members.

Jessica Wilson

Contact - vicepresident@therichlandswimclub.org

Jessica, her husband and two children, have been members of the Richland Swim Club since 2018.  Her children have been members of the Richland Rays swim team and look forward to being able to participate every year. Her family spends most of their days at the pool in the summer. The pool is their home away from home and the people there are like a second family.  Jessica believes the best way to know what the pool and the members need is to be there consistently. She plans to focus on the upkeep and maintenance of the pool facilities as well as the Richland Rays swim team. 

Mario Grana

Contact - membership@therichlandswimclub.org

Mario, his wife, and two daughters have enjoyed being Swim Club members for 10 years. He joined the board five years ago and has since served as the Membership Chair. As a board member, Mario's goal is to continue making the swim club a family friendly club for all members for years to come.

Doug Weakland

Contact - treasurer@therichlandswimclub.org

Doug, his wife and three children joined the swim club in 2016. The kids enjoy participating in the Richland Rays Swim Team and the family spends most of the summer at the Swim Club. Doug joined the Board in 2022 and utilizes his financial background as the Treasurer of the Swim Club.

Mike Ribar

Mike and his family have been members since 2017. He, his wife and their two daughters enjoy meeting new families through the pool, the many activities throughout the season, and the safe and friendly environment. This is Mike's fourth year serving on the board and he hopes to contribute to growing the RSC community and facility for years to come. With a professional background as a financial advisor and high school math teacher , Mike is well-suited for his position of Assistant Treasurer.

Dave Caplan

David and his family are residents of Pine Township. This will be their second year at the Richland Swim Club and they have enjoyed meeting people and having fun. With a professional background in public safety, he wants to focus on providing a healthy and safe experience for all members.  

Cindi McWilliams

A Richland resident for more than 40 years, Board Secretary Cindi McWilliams and her family have been Club members for six years. This is her sixth year serving on the Board. As a volunteer fire fighter for Richland -- and a member of their board - Cindi enjoys giving back to her community and helping others. Through her service on the Swim Club's board, she strives to bring improvements and stability to the Club while continuing to make it a safe and fun place to spend time with family and friends.

Kristy Burja

Kristy joined the Richland Swim Club board at the end of the 2018 season. As a resident of Richland Township, Kristy and her family joined the swim club in 2017. The club has quickly become her family's favorite summer pastime. Being a Realtor in our local community, Kristy enjoys networking and sharing her ideas with others, which led her to seek a board position. One of her biggest projects so far has been helping to get the new website up and running. During the summer, you may see Kristy working behind the scenes at the Snack Shack, keeping the shelves stocked!

Ken Weinman

Ken and his family are long-time pool members and both of his kids enjoy competing for the Richland Rays swim team. A licensed electrician, Ken focuses on buildings and grounds for the swim club.